School Information

School Hours

The school doors will open at 7:30 am for students to prepare for school.  
The doors will be locked at 4:00 pm.  

Parents, please do not drop your students off earlier than 7:30 am, because there is no supervision at these times. Students may attend our morning homework program that starts at 7:00 am.

Teacher Office Hours

Teachers will be available to work with students in their classrooms from 3:20 to 3:45 Monday through Thursday for office hours, unless arrangements have been made with the administration.  Students are encouraged to use these times to make up assignments/tests and to seek additional help.  Students are expected to be working on assignments or homework during these times not just “hanging out.”  Teachers may use office hours for other preparation activities or meetings and may be working in other locations in the school.

On Fridays, teachers will often be in inservice trainings or meetings, so they will not always be available for homework help or meetings.

Parents who wish to meet with teachers are encouraged to schedule meetings during teacher office hours or before school.  Spontaneous or unannounced meetings with teachers are discouraged, especially during school hours, because teachers may be actively engaged in class preparations, instruction, meetings, and/or other assignments. 

Contact Us:

South Fremont Junior High
550 N 1st W 
St. Anthony, ID  83445

Phone:   (208) 624-7880
Fax:       (208) 624-4386